Hearing loss due to ageing– called presbycusis – is a natural and irreversible condition caused by the gradual degeneration of our inner ear cells. At the Marie-Josée Paul hearing clinic, we understand all too well how difficult it can be to live with hearing loss: it can lead to isolation, loneliness, frustration, a less-active lifestyle and even depression in some cases.

When should you have your hearing tested?

  • You feel that others are mumbling when they speak.
  • You often ask people to repeat themselves.
  • You have to work hard to follow a conversation.
  • You keep turning up the volume on the TV and the radio.
  • The people around you say that you speak loudly.
  • You have trouble hearing in noisy or loud surroundings. 

Are you suffering from hearing loss?

Our attentive hearing aid specialists will take the time to listen to you, to thoroughly understand your situation and all the problems relating to your hearing loss. They will then recommend several solutions that will allow you to effectively address your deafness and guide you through the process. We will help you to break the silence around you so that you can finally regain your quality of life and wellbeing.

1 person in 2 over the age of 70 lives with a hearing impairment that affects their daily lives.


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