Designed for the hearing impaired, these devices help to alleviate the inconvenience of hearing loss. They contribute to your safety, make communicating easier, increase your independence and enhance your quality of life. 

Bluetooth Accessories

Thanks to Bluetooth technology, you can link several of your electronic devices to your hearing aids through a remote control.

Cellular Telephone

  • Sound is sent directly to your hearing aids and your voice transmits via the remote control’s microphone.

Landline (Home) Telephone

  • Listen to what is being said with both ears at the same time by simply pressing the “Telephone” button on your remote control. Your telephone must be equipped with a Bluetooth interface. If your telephone is not Bluetooth-enabled, you can add it with a small external component to your telephone. This component is available at our clinic.


  • Enjoy the sound from your television directly in your hearing aids with Bluetooth technology. If your television is not Bluetooth-enabled, you can add it with a small external component to your television. This component is available at our clinic.


  • Listen to music, videos or radio broadcasts directly in your hearing aids thanks to Bluetooth technology. Most computers already have this technology.

MP3 Player

  • Listen to music directly – and wirelessly - in your hearing aids!


  • Enjoy easier navigation with directions sent directly to your hearing aids. 
Bluetooth Accessories

Assisted Listening Devices


  • Telephone Amplifier
  • Can increase ringer volume up to 95 db plus adjust treble and bass

Amplified Telephone

  • Featuring accessories such as an oversized keypad, integrated sound amplifier, visual ringer indicator and speaker

Wireless Headset

  • Listen to the television at the volume you want without comprising sound quality or annoying those around you thanks to the FM sound amplification system or infrared system utilised by wireless headsets. Some models allow you to adjust the volume in each ear.

Alerting Devices

  • Alarm Clock
  • Vibrating Alarm Clock
  • Alarm Clock with visual flashing indicator
  • Combined Alarm Clock

Remote Controls

  • Easy to use, these remote controls allow you to manually control your hearing aids, Bluetooth devices, cellular telephones, MP3 players, portable radios and FM receivers. 
Assisted Listening Devices


Some situations require proper hearing protection. Ask our hearing aid specialists which earplugs are right for you.

A. Musician earplugs

B. Noise reduction earplugs

C. Swimming earplugs

D. Sleeping earplugs


An evaluation must be performed by a hearing aid specialist in order to choose the appropriate hearing aid.

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